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Thanks to our agreement with Crono Time Racing Instruments, you can purchase the ICE-KEY rings at a discounted price while registrating for the event, just cheking the option in the form. Or, if you want the ring without registration, you can buy it (soon available) in our  e-shop. ICE-KEY is a device able to give an identity to an object, to “what is inanimate“, using the RFID/NFC technology, very useful in case of emergency.

Identification involves assigning a unique identity to an object which remains «one» and unchangeable and to certify its property
The contact with the device is not necessary for reading the data
The maximum distance consented is 4 cm from the device
Internet is not required.

ICE-KEY | IN CASE OF EMERGENCY is the first innovative waterproof and water resistant bracelet designed and implemented by Crono-Time, with a shell in ABS containing USB flash memory with a program studied to guard personal information and medical data, useful in case of emergency to assist you and simplify the operation of medical first aid and immediately alert the family.

How it works
We can suppose ICE-KEY TAG inserted into a piece of clothing or an helmet.
The manufacturer inserts the ICE-KEY TAG (virgin) in a point not accessible to the customer but identifiable externally by the logo.
The customer who purchases the ICE-KEY TAG will create his personal web page in the ICEK Cloud, will fill out all the fields, will download from Google Play the free application ICE-KEY TAG on his smartphone or tablet (the fields of the app will be automatically synchronized with his personal web page).
Once synchronized the app, the customer can transfer all the data from the smartphone to the NFC TAG in his device (sticker, card or bracelet), bringing the smartphone or tablet near to it.
ICE-KEY TAG is readable by all smartphones equipped with NFC technology whether they have or not have downloaded the relevant application. If the application is present on the smartphone all the data will be displayed: otherwise only the most important and immediately useful data will appear. In an emergency, you can send a sms message with the GPS position.

Why Ice-Key Tag
ICE-KEY TAG allows the company to obtain information about the customers. It allows the customer to take advantage of a passive safety system innovative and unique on the market: it contains personal and medical data, telephone contacts of the family and it allows to send them a message of help with the geographical position. All information contained within ICE-KEY TAG are filled out under the responsibility of the customer, following the pull-down menu and can be translated into seven different languages (IT/FR/EN/DE/ES/PT/NL).
Rescuers on the road and/or during the race, through a smartphone or tablet device equipped with NFC, can display medical and personal data triggering a rapid and effective medical intervention and reducing the risk of mistakes.
Rescuers can communicate sure data to the operating centers and transport the injured to the appropriate hospital for specific diseases (for example cardiopath patients, diabetics …).


Graphic interface smartphone/tablet ICE-KEY App

 Photo
 Name and surname
 Date and place of birth
 Fiscal Code
 Blood group/Rh
 Macro deseases
 Number of the health card
2 ICE telephone numbers
 Button to send sms with geographic location
 Medial information:
•Food and drugs allergies
•Medical therapy
 Emergency call
 Transaltion in 7 languages
 Safety password
 Synchronization with Crono-time web server

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