Starting Time: Randonnée 6am – Extreme 10 am

Starting Time: Classic and Family 9am

Registrations are open! In just 3 years, la SpoletoNorcia in MTB has become the main mtb event in central Italy. After 1.500 subscribers in 2016 and almost 2.000 in 2017, we start well in advance to prepare an even more exciting event and offer a great service for 2018 edition!

There wil be 4 routes available for subscribers: in addition to the confirmed FAMILY route (il Corto, 14 km and 250 mt of difference in height), that’s really for everyone, as highlightes by the great presence of families with kids during last editions, there wil be great news in the CLASSIC route, the most popular, where you’ll have the chance to choose, during the path, between 2 different levels: the Classic Route (40 km and 1.000 mt difference in height) and the Hard Route (50 km and 1.500 mt of difference in height); the choice is just technical, the registration price doesn’t change, it’s just a chance of deciding during the path, according to your own athletic conditions, where to go…  Obviously, everything will be highlighted and there will be race members and volunteers during the path to ask information to.

Family and Classic will take place on Sunday, 2nd Settembre 2018, with staggered departures (from 9am) according to grid divisions, based on the date of registration. Other news: a dedicated grid to e-Bikes, with a reserved and former start,  and a large number of athletes with diabetic problems (SpoletoNorcia #giveachance).

Consequently, the competitive events will take place a day before: the RANDONNEE (200 km and 3.500 mt of difference in altitude), open to FCI or other agencies members, that traces the Classic route but with some slightly more demanding variations… Randonnée Starts at 6am, Extreme starts at 10am.

The organization reserves the right to make any changes to each of the 4 routes according to any need that may arise.

Pre-regulation is necessary to guarantee the highest service, it entitles you to a discount on base-regulation price and also to the official jersey of the event (our technical partner is Dama), in addition to typical local products and other technical products.

Your participation will also serve to stimulate the institutions to complete the route up to Norcia.  #ROAD2NORCIA #WEWILLCOME

Furthermore, don’t forget that, the sooner you register, the cheaper price you pay!
We are waiting for you, next… 1st and 2nd of September

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