Sport gives chance | Diabetics in Sports

“Diabetics runners and cyclists for more sport for all in Europe”,
1000 athletes for a great sporting event.

Plan and organize a European sporting event of run, bike ride and hand-bike, involving diabetics athletes and disables, to raise awareness of fair sport and physical activity in promoting health, well-being and social inclusion.

In partnership with ANIAD – Associazione Nazionale Italiana Atleti Diabetici.

This project is funded by the European Union Erasmus+ program.

Project Summary (english pdf)

The event is planned for a total 320 diabetics athletes from 16 European countries as well as 700 other participants belonging to local and national associations.

Sporting event will be organized in the most beautiful Italian bike trail (Assisi-Spoleto-Norcia) and its cities.

After the participation at the sport event, the involved target will have more confidence in their ability and they will be more aware that they can express their skills even if having physical limitations. The project will contribute also by increasing the capacity of public initiatives and institutional dialogue for the promotion and protection of the rights of people with disabilities. To find through the sport social moments in daily life. Institutions will have an interlocution with different european sport associations, with actors in the field of health promotion and actors operating in sport and health, specially sport for diabetic people. This dialogue will strengthen the capacity of institutions to promote and enhance the active participation of associations in implementing public policies in developing services closer to the needs of weaker people. The involved institutions could create an international network to collaborate in the future to the creation of sporting events promoting these themes, looking at collaborations with experts in medical disciplines, urbanists and experts of city planning and of sport trails, to guarantee the effective inclusion of involved targets and to ameliorate territorial conditions for sports practice.

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